What should happen to the old railroad right-of-way between Harrison St & Treat St?

Aerial Greenway

We want to generate support to transform the old railroad right-of-way that runs from the southwest corner of 22nd and Harrison to the middle of the block of Treat Ave. bounded by 22nd and 23rd St. into a green corridor.

Mission Greenway

Next Door: Parque Niños Unidos

Located across Treat Avenue from the Greenway, a former building materials supply  place was  developed as Parque Niños Unidos and  opened in 2003 with a community clubhouse, grass lawn, playground, and community garden.

Parque Niños Unidos

Next Door: 2600 Harrison Residential Development

The Western Plywood building,  which is an east-abutting property of the Greenway, was recently demolished and the site is now under construction. The proposed building features “19 mostly two-bedroom units” and a rooftop garden.  2600 Harrison Rendering

Renderings of the proposed development.


Next Door: 953 Treat Ave.

The historic cottage which is not considered historic (even though
it was built in 1887) will be torn down and replaced with two
new four‐story, 40‐foot tall, residential buildings with three dwelling units each for a total of six dwelling
units on the project site.

Here is what it looks like now:

And here are drawings for the new buildings: