Our neighborhood group  Friends of the Mission Greenway was recently formed after the article  in Mission Local was published about  Parcel 36 (https://missionlocal.org/?s=Parcel+36). Two more articles have come out since our group formed: This one about our group forming:  https://missionlocal.org/2018/02/sf-neighbors-organize-to-create-a-greenway-in-the-mission/ and this one about Western Plywood getting demolished that was next to the old railroad line:   https://missionlocal.org/2018/03/demolition-at-22nd-and-harrison-offers-view-of-proposed-sf-greenway

Also there is this article by Elizabeth Creely, our fearless local investigative reporter who wrote the above articles and really helped move this project forward: https://dinnshenchas.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/the-missing-switch-of-22nd-street/.

We want to generate support to transform the old railroad right-of-way that runs from the southwest corner of 22nd and Harrison to the middle of the block of Treat Ave. bounded by 22nd and 23rd St.  into a green corridor.  We would also like to include in the greenway 969 Treat Ave. next to the railroad tracks that used to be Safeway Roofing which is up for sale. Anyone got a spare three million?

What the research points out is that there is much confusion about who owns the land and how no one is paying taxes on it, and also that it is being used for parking (one business is apparently paying to park there). There is growing support for transforming the parcel into a public greenway for all to enjoy, which would go nicely with the Parque Ninõs Unidos across Treat Ave from the southern end of the lot.  Being a big fan of the Free Farm Stand and a tree lover, I personally would like to grow some avocado trees and mulberries, berry bushes and other perennial plants, so one could eat their way from Treat Ave. Caitlyn Galloway, one of the founders of  Little City Gardens, which alas fell victim to development, is one of our supporters. She pointed out to me, “For what it’s worth, last year the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that, in short, prioritizes agriculture as a land use wherever possible”.  I also agree with another neighbor who has joined our group that planting flowers might be more appropriate for the site (he is also a dahlia lover like me).

On Saturday April 7th from 11am-1pm we will occupy the land and have a party. This event is meant to call attention to this movement to make it a common  space and to pressure the city to move quickly on determining the true owner of the property. I just heard yesterday from Marissa Alexander from the San Francisco Parks Alliance “that the Assessor’s office is still moving along in settling ownership. The staff member working on it is out of town for the next two weeks, but hopes to have an update for us mid/late-April upon her return.” This is good news and we need to keep the pressure on the city. At the event, one of our members has made a big check that we will present to the city for back taxes on the property. We will  meet each other, share and sketch out our ideas and have fun.

Please come by and lend your support!